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An Icon Journal
Moonlight Legend Trade Post 
12th-Feb-2020 02:46 pm
Tradepost for ML.

Moonlight Legend



Gentle Uterus
Total: 15/20

Maker Star
Total: 17/20

Fighter Star
Total: 8/20

Future Collections - Will Not Trade

Keeping - Will Trade for Collecting or Future Collections

SS Opening One
Total: 13/20

SS Opening Two
Total: 9/20

Future Collections - Will Not Trade

Trading - Regular

Total: 8/10

Three Lights
Total: 4/10

Future Collections - Will Not Trade


Total: 15/20

Thank You!
Total: 11/20

Trading for other Thank You cards

Future Collections - Will Not Trade

Trading - Regular Puzzle



Pending Trades

Donated to Group Collect

Donated to Sailor Wars

Total: 33

Price of Failure True Starseed
Live Tour


starsopeningone06: obtained through lottery on 4-11-09
smsopeningone12: traded my makerstar01 to Lazuli
ssopeningone03: april birthday
smrfinaletwo13: traded my timestop15 to Aurora Avalon
firesoulsv03: traded my therapykisssv13 to li-chan

thepurestheart19: already had
ohrats04: already had
priceoffailure14: traded with Nejana on 6-30
truestarseed09: traded with Nejana on 6-30
daimonoven19: received from freebies the week of 6-21

Total Completed Stamp Cards: 21

x 24
x 13
x 25 X 1 = Cooperation
x 60 X 3 = Concentration
x 30 X 4 = Meditation
x 70 X 11 = Freebie Frenzy
x 7 X 0

Trade Log (Old Logs Available Upon Request)

+lost and found: jupiterstar03, jupitercrystal09, 1 Starseed Point

+traded my jupiterfalls06 to J-chan for reflection08
+traded my cosmos10 and overpowered07 to VBunny for marspower05, therapykisslv09, and ohrats04
+traded my guardian09 and eternalbeauty07 to Seiya for mooncrisis08 and fire07
+doubles exchange: halation14 and beamshower11 became cartoontheater05 and princessappears09
+special delivery: marsfalls12, layoutfive17, 1 Starseed Point
+mangled saying: mothersgift14, moonawakens15, 2 Starseed Points
+war: darkwater13, layoutfour20
+puzzle: strikeback17, defection09, 1 Starseed Point
+sequence: heaven09, firstkiss14, regular coupon, 1 Starseed Point
+slots: notsohelpful19, smsopeningtwo16, latestart16, regular coupon

+doubles exchange: gentleuterus14 and blackmoon04 became daimonrain10 and romance01
+traded my angelic11, caroling02, fourmonths06, wreath03, and membercard to Rierra for smopeningtwo17, ohrats17, fire10, and membercard
+traded my smfinaletwo12 and membercard to Crazi for starsopeningone09 and membercard
+special delivery: mercurypower06, halation14, 1 Starseed Point
+mega memory: earthsshine17, meditation11
+relationships: heliosrevealed04, kamenappears14, 1 Starseed Point
+odd one out: mytowel16, 250levels12, 1 Starseed Point
+freebies: beamshower11, winter06, 1 Starseed Point

+traded my littlestsoldier16, blackdress09, cocmos07, and membercard to Nikki for smopeningtwo03, smropeningtwo02, ssopeningtwo06/11/19, and membercard
+mastered livetour: makerstartwo02, makerstartwo05, gentleuterus14, layoutthree09, renewaltwo07
+mastered thepurestheart: makerstartwo09, makerstar20, thirtypoints07, mirroredself02, chibiarmy07
+mastered makerstartwo: makerstar02, makerstar03, sabaospray10, oshiokiyo15, cosmos09

+traded my earthsshine15, princesses04, destiny02, and membercard to Tara for smsopeningtwo20, eleventh09, and kinmoku03
+traded my conceptart09, jupiterappears14, and oursecrets15 to Xerox for livetour11, thepurestheart13, and makerstar07/09
+updates: nurseminako02, coldbeauty11, notsohelpful09, and legendsappear17
+caption contest: 2 special coupons, 3 regular coupons
+sailor wars: 3 special coupons, 3 regular coupons, thankyou16/18, 15 Starseed points
+jigsaw: notsohelpful02, thirtypoints02, therapykisssv08, special coupon, 5 Starseed Points
+puzzle series (1): splashattack14, moonpower17
+puzzle series (2): fighterstar17, meditation07
+puzzle series (3): marspower14, kisskiss14
+puzzle series (4): reflection12, firebuster07
+puzzle series (5): winter08, blackmoon04, special coupon, 5 Starseed Points

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