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An Icon Journal
14th-Sep-2020 09:25 pm - Awards Post
Decided to make an awards post, even though I only have banners for a few of my wins right now. Rather small collection, but it will hopefully grow as my icon-making skills improve (and I actually enter icons...). I'll add to this post when that happens.

Total Wins: ??
Total Banners: 78

My tiny awards postCollapse )
27th-Aug-2020 02:04 am - Pokémon Screencap Directory

This entry will always be just under my awards post while I work on capping and uploading the entire Pokémon series. Here are links to each series' downloads, for convenience's sake:

-Indigo League Part 1 (Episodes 1-37 + Banned Episodes) complete
-Indigo League Part 2 (Episodes 38-79) complete
-Orange Islands complete
-Johto Journeys complete
-Johto League Champions Part 1 (Episodes 1-26) complete
-Johto League Champions Part 2 (Episodes 27-52) complete
-Advanced Challenge
-Advanced Battle
-Battle Frontier
-Diamond and Pearl
-Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension
-Chronicles complete

-Movies, Shorts, and Specials
13th-Feb-2020 09:12 pm - Indigo Plateau Tradepost
Tradepost for Indigo Plateau, the Pokémon TCG I co-run.

Indigo PlateauCollapse )
12th-Feb-2020 02:46 pm - Moonlight Legend Trade Post
Tradepost for ML.

Moonlight LegendCollapse )
This is my holding spot for all the episodes from Pokémon Johto League Champions. I will be capping them in order, and will update as I get the captures uploaded. All caps are 640 X 480 and are split into ZIP files of 200 images a part on Mediafire (let me know if the files expire so I can replace them).

The source video is my own legit DVD collection, and so credit goes to myself. And yes, I will be making screencaps for the entire series. ;)

Please credit/link back if you use any of these, comments for my incredibly time-consuming efforts make me happy inside, and feel free to friend me for more updates.

Caps 27: Pokémon Johto League Champions - Part 2Collapse )
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